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With DuraLabel PRO supplies and theDuraLabel PRO 300 or the wide format DuraLabel 7000 and 9000 printers you'll have the right arc flash labeling option for your facility.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 is an industrial-quality thermal transfer printer capable of producing high-quality, custom arc flash labels in a variety of styles:

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The DuraLabel 7000 and 9000 feature the same industrial-quality thermal transfer printing as the PRO 300 but in sizes that are even bigger and easier to read.

You'll see big savings because DuraLabel PRO supplies cost 30-50% less than supplies for a comparable printer!

Three Types of DuraLabel Arc Flash Labels

Die-cut Arc Flash Labels

Die Cut Arc Flash Labels

Examples of 4" x 6" die-cut labels are shown to the left. In addition to these standard size labels, we are the only supplier that has SUPER-SIZED 6.8" x 10.5" die-cut arc flash labels with preprinted headers.

Formatting boxes on the label help organize safety information in order to communicate quickly, clearly and accurately. The Super-Size labels increase visibility, allow the label to be read from a distance, and they improve recognition of dangerous hazards and work effectively on doors, entryways, and placards.

DuraLabel PRO die-cut labels are also available as blank WARNING labels or with a blue "NOTICE" header.

Long Lasting: DuraLabel PRO die-cut are flash labels are made from industrial grade indoor/outdoor vinyl, providing a long label life. A 3.2 millimeter topcoat keeps them strong against the elements and their clay coating is ideal for thermal transfer printing. The rounded corners extend label life even further by making it difficult for the label to start curling up at the corners.

Arc Flash Label Database software: Database software included with the DuraLabel PRO 300 and 9000 printers can be used to print, track, and organize your arc flash labels. Die-cut labels may also be printed using other software such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Three Languages: DuraLabel PRO die-cut arc flash labels are available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.

Two-Color Vinyl Tapes: A Unique Solution

Arc flash labels printed on two color vinyl tapes

Two-color vinyl provides a white vinyl tape with a color "header," available in orange or red. With two-color vinyl tapes, a pictogram and signal word can be printed in the header area, with a detailed message printed on the body of the label in the white area. Several header heights are available. Both the header and the message can be formatted however you'd like.

Unique: DuraLabel printers are the only label printer that support two-color continuous vinyl.

Easy to Use: Two-color vinyl tapes can be printed with software you already have, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. In addition, arc-flash label templates are included with the DuraLabel PRO 300 and 9000 to help you quickly design and print the labels you need.

Flexible: The advantage of two-color vinyl is that there is no set width. Tapes are available up to seven inches in height--allowing labels to be seen and read before approaching electrical equipment--while the width can be whatever is required for each label.

Single-Color Continuous Vinyl Tapes

Arc flash labels printed on two color vinyl tapes

The simplest label is one printed on a single color tape. You should use this style if it matches the existing labeling standards in your facility, or if you need maximum design flexibility. Dozens of standard and special-order colors are available to fit your facility's needs.

Making Large Arc Flash Signs: In addition to making a label from a single vinyl tape, tapes can be combined to create larger signs. The DuraLabel PRO 300 printer is able to span text and images across several tapes. For example, the word "WARNING" could be printed in letters six inches high using two strips of orange tape. The strips are combined, one above the other, to form the complete word in large print. Additional strips of white tape could be added to communicate detailed information.

The DuraLabel 9000 makes large arc flash sign production even simpler by producing prints up to 9 inches wide. It features superior IPS speed and quality for wide format printers, with print speeds up to four inches per second in professional quality that never fades, cracks, or peels.

We recommend the DuraLabel PRO 300 and the 9000 printers for making arc flash labels.

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