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Print fully compliant arc flash labels using the DuraLabel PRO and high quality industrial vinyl tape and die-cut labels.

Customize your own arc flash labels using DuraLabel's continuous vinyl tape in widths up to 4". Determine the dimensions of the label and the text of your arc flash warning and use the DuraLabel PRO's thermal transfer printing to produce your own high quality custom label on this supply that can endure almost any industrial setting.

Die-cut arc flash labels are pre-printed with formatting lines to organize information, ensuring that your labels meet OSHA and ANSI arc-flash labeling requirements. Arc flash label headers are available in either red-and-white DANGER or orange-and-black WARNING versions.

These 4” x 6” labels can be automatically formatted using the DuraLabel Industrial Labeling Software suite, or with any standard word processing software.

Die-cut labels are made of 2.0-mil self-adhesive vinyl, providing a minimal edge profile for long label life. Arc flash labels are chemical resistant, and come in rolls of 200 labels.

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follow this link to receive your free safety inspection guide

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